Friday, February 13, 2009

Pitchers & catchers are in camp!

Red Sox pitchers and catchers have reported for spring training, and their first workout is scheduled for today. In spite of the fact that it was about 10 degrees here this morning, and all my car doors and windows were frozen shut, the start of spring training always gives me hope that warmer weather can't be far away.

My daughter says she is ready for the baseball season, as she is now sporting a tattoo that she has been wanting for years. I suppose as tattoos go, the Red Sox logo is preferable to just about anything else she might have chosen. And as tattoo locations go, the back of her shoulder is probably a good place, since it's a piece of skin that will be exposed a lot while she's young and thinks nothing of wearing tank tops all summer, and will gradually grow to be exposed less and less often, until by the time she's 50 the only time it will show up is once or twice a year, when she's sitting on the deck at camp.

And, best of all, it will never be an issue when she applies for a job, unless she decides to become a topless waitress or a porn star, in which case her tattoo will be the least of my worries.


  1. Hi Cuz!
    Pitchers, catchers and Youk. I guess he just couldn't wait.

  2. I've been meaning to tell you about my new career aspirations...........

  3. Ouch! I won't even get my ears pierced, guess I'm not as big a fan as I thought.
    Catlin, don't you think matching mother/daughter tattoos would be nice?