Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions—mine are pretty simple this year:

1)      1)  Write, submit, repeat.

2)      2)  Continue my exercise streak. Today is my 635th consecutive day without missing a workout (note that, for this non-competitive, middle-aged+ mom, “workout” may not mean what it means to you. To me, it means at least 30-45 minutes of something—walking, hiking, biking, XC skiing, yoga, swimming—every day). If I can keep it up, next New Year’s Day will be Day 1000. I didn’t plan that; it just worked out that way, but isn’t it cool?

3)     3)   Continue that teeth-flossing streak I started back in 2009 or so.

4)      4)  Consider starting a new streak of some kind…since that seems to work.

5)      5)  Read at least as many books as in 2013 (50 or more).

6)      6)  Strive for balance in all things:

Balance physical health with mental health (chocolate will forever remain a part of my life).

Balance doing what I have to with doing what I want to (enough housework to keep the health department away, but not so much that I have to give up something better, like reading, to do it).

Balance being nice with putting up with too much crap (no need to explain that to any of my female friends who are 50+, right?).  

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